Rating System

My reviews usually contain my rating (in scale one to five flower buttons, which is basically like the stars on goodreads, but it’s Dazzling Books so.. some originality *flips hair*), They represent how i feel about the book and how the book has affected me.

smaller flower rating      smaller flower rating      smaller flower rating      smaller flower rating      smaller flower rating


OH-MY-GOODNESS, it was so breath-taking and surprising and fresh. This book gives me so many feelings. This book was thought-provoking. There were just times where i have to put the book down and stare at walls, or cover my face blushing or smiling, or wipe tears away. I couldn’t put it down, i cannot wait to read another book from this series/this author.


OH I LOVED IT. I would recommend it and i would be likely to rave about it. Because the whole experience was so awesome and so thrilling. I would re-read it. The characters are great and the setting too is great. I’m obsessed with the writing. It lived up to my expectations !


I really enjoyed it. but it didn’t make it to my favorite list. Maybe i was disappointed by how things are tied or the ending failed, or that i feel that i could’ve gotten a bit more from the characters.  i see a great potential but there was just something missing. 


It was just okay. It’s trying too hard or not trying at all. I don’t think this book is worth recommending to people, but not a waste of my time. Maybe i have some issues with what the author’s belief or messages through this book, or that i like the plot but i got confused with the writing or i lost interest somewhere along the story. Maybe i do not care for the character, which is kind of sad, because i like to read character-driven story rather than plot-driven story


i rarely give this low rating , i don’t like it, and i rarely read books i don’t know anything about or way out of my usual reading zone (because it would lead to this low rating) but if i do, it means that i didn’t like the book at all. I think it’s not for me and that i wouldn’t recommend it. 

I consider a lot of things before actually rating my book

Here’s what i consider in :

  • Does this book entertain me? Do i enjoy reading this book?
  • Does it make me think?
  • Does it give me all the feels?
  • Can i learn something from the book?
  • How do i feel about the characters, do i care for them? or am i obsessed with them? Characters are a big deal to me.
  • Do i get the plot? Is it fast-paced? Is it cliche? Is it intriguing?
  • How about the writing of this book? Is it beautiful or mediocre? A lot of metaphors? or does it confuse me? The writing is also a big deal to me.
  • Does it make me stay up because i don’t want to stop?

Things like that.

I hope you understand and enjoy my reviews 🙂

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