SHOOOCKING , YES? Well, i grew up with the movies alright but not with the books. Harry Potter, those movies were the most magical thing in the world in my childhood -it still is to be honest. The first Harry Potter movie that i watched was “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” when it was already on TV. IT WAS JUST MAGICAL AND PERFECT AND—

After that, every time the first four movies of Harry Potter were played, i would be watching in front of the TV, in my pjs, with my eyes half-sleepy and with my mom by my side. Back then all the Harry Potter movies were played so late at night. At 9.40 i recall.

I remember very well how i would pretend to be a student of Hogwarts (I’m a Gryffindor, of course) and swing my pencil and try to make things fly and to scare domentors away. ooohh.. beautiful times.

Hey, guys

Here’s a bit about my history with Harry Potter and how i’m planning to read Harry Potter series for the first time

I watched Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix when it was played on TV too. But i was a bit bigger, not sleepy anymore. Daydreaming about platform 9 3/4 still…

Then, I watched the last three movies (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part I and II) on the cinema. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince was the first movie that i watched in cinema EVER. And i watched it with my new friends from my new school to celebrate my 12th birthday. I realized my new friends have a fondness of Harry Potter too, so we gang-ed up very easily.

Back then, everybody watched Harry Potter. Everybody said “Watch Harry Potter” nobody said “Read Harry Potter” to me.

I remember walking to the bookstores, several times, to see the Blue, Green, Orange covers of the last three books of Harry Potter on my best-selling shelf, they were so huge and so intimidating. I didn’t know what magic could lay beneath the pages.

I remember borrowing my neighbor’s magazine exclusive about Harry Potter, i tried to remember every single type of broom, the constellation, the different kinds of wands, and so many spells that were listed in the magazine. I remember admiring Harry’s OWL report. And i read about how people in my county were dressing up and staying out late to get the last book of Harry Potter- the midnight release! Which, now, i think is very fascinating since the release doesn’t involve the cast, or the author, but the anticipation, the participation were just awesome. SO AWESOME.I tried so hard not to remind my neighbor to take the magazine back because i wanted to keep it to myself, but eventually she remembered and demanded it back. hehe. 

I did in a way grow up with Harry Potter. And i’m glad. Harry Potter ended and the obsession died down. i turned 13 and loved twilight instead. (more on that in a different post… )

Nearing the end of last year, i found out about BOOKTUBE. AAAAND OH MY GOODNESS, people’s love for Harry Potter is huge there. They still talk about it, it was so beautiful to watch. I want to be a part of it too.  I want to give those humongous books a chance.

So, i went to my local bookstore, tried to find Harry Potter books and it turned out …..


How were the young readers supposed to know this magical world if you close the door to it???

Then i found a picture of this beautiful paperback boxset of Harry Potter special edition



Here’s a link to book depository for it : HARRY POTTER 

I thought “I HAAAAVVVEEEE TOOO HAAAVVVEEEE ITTTTT” but it was expensive (i checked it on Bookdepository) by expensive i mean it’s almost twice as my monthly school fee. While in scholastic store it’s half the price, but they don’t ship worldwide. :((

I had to wait for three months before actually telling my parents that i want to buy this book, then they said YES, myyyyyy hheeeeaaaarttt exploded with joy. I hurried to bookdepository.. JUST TO FIND OUT THE BOXSET WAS UNAVAILABLE. I’m still checking it everyday to see if it’s available because i want them so bad.  Well, or should i buy those books separately? they are available as individual book but not as a boxset. Should i buy them? I want the boxset though !!

I’m gonna check bookdepository for the boxset possibly next month. I just.. the limit is June. If by June that boxset isn’t available, i’m going to buy the individual books. 


Well, that doesn’t stop me at least, from joining and finding about about this magical world. I am currently listening to the audiobook of the first book of Harry Potter , read by JIm Dale. He’s so hilarious. The sentences in the book are so funny and fun to read. I feel like i’m being hugged when i read it.


Tell me guys if you’re like me and that if you are also reading the series for the first time, i’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s do this together !!!

I’ll be giving you updates about this and about a million others things that may come to mind to talk about now that i have a book blog.

Sampai jumpa (means see you in bahasa indonesia)

Hanna 🙂

I exist in other internet places ! Wohoo :


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