SHOOOCKING , YES? Well, i grew up with the movies alright but not with the books. Harry Potter, those movies were the most magical thing in the world in my childhood -it still is to be honest. The first Harry Potter movie that i watched was “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” when it was already on TV. IT WAS JUST MAGICAL AND PERFECT AND—

After that, every time the first four movies of Harry Potter were played, i would be watching in front of the TV, in my pjs, with my eyes half-sleepy and with my mom by my side. Back then all the Harry Potter movies were played so late at night. At 9.40 i recall.

I remember very well how i would pretend to be a student of Hogwarts (I’m a Gryffindor, of course) and swing my pencil and try to make things fly and to scare domentors away. ooohh.. beautiful times.

Hey, guys

Here’s a bit about my history with Harry Potter and how i’m planning to read Harry Potter series for the first time

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